Brand Owner

Strategic sourcing offers brand owners an attractive alternative to owning, and operating their own manufacturing facilities.

We at Neopont offer you concept- to- product services that leave brand owners free to do what you do best- creating desire for your brands and selling products through them to different markets.

For smaller brand owners this means a cheaper way of turning their dreams to reality without making large capital  or human resource investments. Simplistically, to create a batch of product one only takes the risk of development and logistical cost. For larger brands it simply means a more economically sound way of doing business without being tied down to capital expenditures.

So when product cycles are short and every minute counts, you can count on Neopont to help you each step the way from product refinement to packaging; from supplier identification, to vendor and factory evaluations to global sourcing and supply chain management. Our teams of highly trained experts ensure that all steps are taken to ensure the best possible supplier solution for your brand because we stage gate each and every process carefully and meticulously.

Our services to brand owners include the following:

  • Trends identification: We can monitor industry and market and develop a trends report to give you insight into the direction consumers are taking
  • Product development and refinement: Where a product brief is ready, we can develop the products specification for you
  • Product prototyping: Our facilities allow for fast prototyping of your product
  • Packaging design and development: We can recommend appropriate packaging for your brand and develop the packaging. If requested we will provide you with full product prototype complete with packaging
  • Product sourcing and manufacturing: From supplier landscape analysis to vendor shortlisting, we can assist you in procuring the right raw materials at the right costs. We can also recommend manufacturing facilities and quality testing protocols to ensure that final end products are as specified. Additionally, you have access to our established supplier network
  • Logistics Management: We are able to manage your manufacturing cycle. Our process allows complete transparency of our work so you also have greater insight, documentation and transparency into the whole supply chain process
  • Coordination of product cycle activities: Time to market in today’s world is not easy with the product cycles becoming shorter and the customer more fickle. We, at Neopont can help you shorten the product cycle. We use a methodical approach that allows us to work faster and more effectively. And by partnering with us we take the brunt work out of manufacturing

How Neopont Can Help You As A: