Neopont assists entrepreneurs develop their brand lines and supply chains for flexibility, quicker response and effective cost control.

As an entrepreneur you often have a great idea and found a market with needs to fulfill. Now you need to manufacture, source or, stock your product to monetize your ideas into a viable business line.

One option is to go out and build the manufacturing facility which involves a long term investment. The other – is to outsource to Neopont who, as outsourced partners, would manage your product development professionally and ensure reduced costs, decreased cycle times, and improved customer perception and satisfaction. This allows you, the entrepreneur, to focus on identifying new trends and needs, germinating ideas, developing markets and ideas – whilst we manage execution.

The advantages of outsourcing include:

  • a reduction in your total headcount and flexibility in ramping up or down operations according to market response
  • improved accuracy, service and quality on the overall supply chain because now they are managed by Neopont professionals
  • flexibility in providing a larger line of products within your brand at a fraction of the cost of setting up one’s own manufacturing facility
  • and access to the Neopont global supplier and manufacturer networks.

 Some of the services that the team at Neopont can assist you with are:

  • Assist in product refinement for greater market acceptability: Refine product briefs to sourcing ready product specifications. If requested we will provide you with full product prototype complete with packaging.
  • Develop market appropriate packaging: We can recommend appropriate packaging for your brand and develop the packaging.
  • Find reliable suppliers and manufacturers to source your product: We act on your behalf to identifying and matching contract suppliers that best fit your need and style of work.
  • Maintain paperwork: We maintain the hassle of paperwork related to sourcing and supply chain management.
  • Manage supply chain from sourcing to end-product delivery: We act as your managers to track, monitor and trouble shoot your supply chain from product development to supply chain management until you receive your product.

How Neopont Can Help You As A: