VC / Private Equity

Neopont assists venture capitalists and investors optimize investments by being the outsourced entrepreneur-in-residence for product line evaluations, development, and management of portfolio of brand investments.

As a venture capitalist or private equity investor, you want to ensure that the investments you make into ventures can be nurtured into a profitable business that will reap benefits and not losses in the long run.

Being able to outsource  product management and sourcing functions to Neopont will mean that you have immediate access to a backup “plug & play” team that understands your investment philosophy and requirements and acts to limit exposure to risks and help reach valuation targets… while you concentrate on ramping up other aspects of operations. This  results in better management of your brand IPs and quick turnaround of your investments.

For your convenience, Neopont can assist you in both pre-acquisition and post-acquisition phases in the following ways.

Pre Acquisition

Before buying the brands or investing heavily in a company you will want to do a due diligence exercise on the investment. A thorough independent analysis of a brand product line vis a vis its potential and marketability would give you a truer picture of the company worth. We can perform independent supplier audits, evaluate the supply chain and product costs prior to the investment being made. We can also assist you in pin pointing areas in the product supply chain where there is a cost or time leakage and recommend solutions to any issues that need immediate action on acquisition into your portfolio of investments.

Post Acquisition

We will review, re-evaluate and perform a cost rationalization exercise for you. Where required we will also do product evaluation and refinement of products to ensure better market acceptability. We can act on short term tactical plans to provide immediate turnaround results. Or we can help you develop a long term strategy to refine and repackage or re-brand products to improve product marketability,cost effectiveness, product cycles and customer traction.

How Neopont Can Help You As A: