Sector: Confectionery, Juice, Food & Beverage
Consulting Activities: product development, packaging innovation, supplier landscape and vendor selection, product refinement

The Sunkist brand is among the most recognized and respected in the world. Sunkist is a leading food and beverage licensor, licensing the Sunkist trademark to more than forty food and beverage companies worldwide.  Sunkist brand has more than 600 products in over forty-five countries on five continents. Gross annual sales of Sunkist brand products exceed $1.2 billion globally.

Which is why, when we were approached by one of the licensors to help them develop a range of confectionery that was juicy, delicious and a halal line of gummy and jelly confectionery, we were more than happy to oblige.

The biggest hurdle was the packaging as this licensors main market was the Middle East where temperatures reach above 40 degrees centigrade on a normal day. Both gummies and jellies needed to maintain their taste, look, shape and texture under these extreme conditions.

Sunkist being such a global brand had its own stringent guideline which every licensee needed to adhere to. We sourced a manufacturer in Europe to work closely with us and manufacture the jellies and gummies according to the clients needs. The products will be launched in the Middle East in early 2012.

3 months after commencement of the confectionery project, Neopont was elated when the same licensor had approached them to work on another Sunkist project – this time to develop a line of sparkling juice drinks. This project is still being worked upon.


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