Sector: Mango and IQF Dried Mangos, Food and Beverage

Consulting Activities: Sourcing, Processing, Packaging design and development, supplier landscape and vendor selection, Supply chain management and logistics Management

 Part 1: Fresh Mango Delivery

A distributor in the Middle East had a need for fresh mango import from South East Asia earlier in 2011. The mango quality needed to be in unripened state  for further controlled ripening at destination. Neopont was to ensure the integrity of the fruit.


Mango suppliers were contacted from South East Asia and Thailand.  Collection, grading and facilities were inspected and evaluated. Final decision was made to source from Pakistan due to near sourcing factors as well as the taste and guaranteed quality of  fruit.  

Cardboard corrugated boxes were chosen to package the mangos in boxes of 8Kg each. Ensuring there was right level of ventilation and ripening control aspects to the packaging.

The harvested fruits are pre-cooled to 10-12C C and then stored at an appropriate temperature. Special reefer containers were employed to deliver the mangos to their destination. The reefer containers maintained at a temperature of 4-8C.


The consignments of mangos reached the Middle East in 12 to 14 days transhipment time. 



 Part 2: IQF Dried Mango

In late 2010, the healthy snack food trend had caught on in a big way. To cater to this trend, a US retail chain had a need for dried mango as health snack food under their private label.

 Someone had heard we had fresh mangoes.  They wanted us to help source them.

We sourced the dried mango from South East Asia. The package guidelines were developed inhouse the packaging facility was again sourced in Philipines.


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