Neopont would be available during the Gulf Food 2012 conference for meeting and discussing opportunities for partnership with suppliers, partners and meet other leaders in the food and beverage sourcing industry. Do drop us a line at if you would like to connect.

Gulf Food 2012 will be the largest show for the food and hospitality industry in the region and possible internationally. According to a recent press release, 83 countries and 3,800 participants would be taking part in the show from 19-22 February.

Key players from all over the world will converge to Dubai to explore and tap the Middle East, Africa and South Asian Regions since they are fast growing emerging markets for the food and beverage industry.

Key activities of the Gulf food to look out for are:

  • Showcase of some of the most renowned celebrity chefs, brand leaders and food gurus to lead discussions.
  • Key trading deals as an outcome of the fair.
  • Innovations and more solutions for processing and packaging of foods with an emphasis on food safety systems.
  • A foodpreneur Forum especially for entrepreneurs in this area to provide them with advice and food mentoring.

For more information about the Show, visit their Website: Gulf Food 2012

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