Beat competition through improved quality, lowered prices, and most reliable sources of manufacturing with Neopont sourcing services.

From identifying potential suppliers of raw materials to contracting manufacturing facilities to daily monitoring of vendors - vendor management is a time consuming, complex and potentially resource intensive process.  With Neopont, you have the option to outsource vendor management to a team that can easily scale operations when you need  resources... and as you need them...thus saving you money by not having to deploy precious resources into an in-house team.

When you outsource vendor management to us, we put our expertise to scour the globe for the best sources of raw materials, identify and suggest cost effective reliable processes and  identify and shortlist reliable manufacturing facilities that are best fit for your needs. Our experience and ability to streamline procurement processes results in our client companies getting quick turnaround, access to our global supplier network and, consequently, best services and products at the best value.

Our vendor management and manufacturing sourcing services include:

  • Supplier Landscape: We do the hard work in identifying, qualifying and managing service providers for all your product development needs. We provide you with a list of qualified suppliers who can fulfill your requirements for your selection and evaluation.
  • Equipment Analysis: We develop vendor independent specifications for your manufacturing process and equipment. This ensures that vendors selected would be able to deliver the end product. We also develop metrics to ensure evaluations are done fairly.
  • Vendor Selection: We assist in shortlisting and selecting appropriate vendors. We aim to ensure that the vendor selected is the best match for client requirements.
  • Vendor Finalization and Contract Manufacturing: We at Neopont, develop and implement effective manufacturing strategies to meet the needs to the client as well as negotiate OEM manufacturing agreements on behalf of our clients.
  • Vendor Specifications: We develop and issue specifications to vendors. These vendors then perform a final test of ability.
  • Prototype Scale Up: We scale prototypes to small batch production for approval at the vendor's facility.
  • Quality Control Protocols: We provide knowledge and assistance for specifying and verifying quality controls within the supply chain.
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance: We do factory audits to insure vendors are compliant with specified standards.
  • Intellectual Property Contract Management: We draft and execute required intellectual property contracts with vendors to protect client proprietary information.


How Neopont Can Help You As A: