Neopont can help you develop and commercialize new products in an organized and structured manner.

New products need to be continually introduced to the market to satisfy the customers changing lifestyle needs, appeal to new segments, diversify and maintain market lead. However, organizations are often resource challenged when it comes to new product development.

By outsourcing new product development to Neopont, you can be assured of dedicated resources focused on your project to ensure successful management and execution of your new product development. Our depth of experience and management expertise complements your business strengths and results in lower costs, better control and improved knowledge base.

We at Neopont can provide the following product development services:

  • Product or Prototype Analysis: We can deconstruct the product and develop the detailing specifications for our clients. Included in our services is analysis of key materials and manufacturing operations required.
  • Product Refinement: To fine tune existing products we can refine and test formulations and recipes to suit end user requirements of the consumer.
  • Shelf testing and Specification Development: Neopont can conduct and present results of a shelf test. We can also test the product in typical usage situations through focus group customer interviews and make adjustments where necessary
  • Plant testing and Commercialization: We assist clients in total product screening, scale-up, trial production, and commercialization.
  • Costing: Provide product costing for the new costs. If required, we can assist you in a more thorough business analysis of the product with a value analysis, competitive pricing models and alternate competitive technology pricing.
  • Production Specifications: A final comprehensive deliverable is a product specification sheet against which the product is manufactured.
  • Preliminary Technical Implementation Plan: We provide a technical implementation plan to assist you in planning for subsequent stages. Stages of the plan would include discussion of quality systems required, resource estimations, technical specifications, supplier and  logistics requirements, and program metrics.

How Neopont Can Help You As A: