Coordinating a complex, and global, supply chain and ensuring accuracy in delivery is the true test of a successful supply chain strategy.

Managing an entire manufacturing and logistics operations cell is time consuming and resource intensive. Ongoing specialist resources are needed to closely monitor each and every aspect of the complex stages of  procurement, supply chain  transactions, and logistics. We at Neopont can monitor, assess value add and streamline your supply chain processes.

Our robust model for your supply chain operations are designed to reduce waste, identify potential problems, and address them before they compromise quality, time, and cost.  With our ready-to-scale operations infrastructure at your service, you become more flexible to changes in market place, the advantage of reduced time to market .Our turnkey supply chain management services include the following:

  • Vendor Management: We understand that proper and timely communication is a critical success factor in ensuring ongoing successful vendor relations. We are able to maintain on your behalf communication channels to monitor, assess and manage vendor performance and scale up any communication that needs your attention regarding price, quality and deliveries.
  • Costing Controls and Analysis: Price fluctuations and markets changes happen due to a number of uncontrollable factors. We help you make informed decisions keeping into mind market risks, fluctuation risks, country risks, and natural disaster risks. We can also assist you in developing strategies to ensure that your cost goals are met. Through a systematic benchmarking and monitoring of global competitive prices, we do our best to ensure that the price and quality goals set in agreement with customers and suppliers would be met even in uncertain conditions.
  • Supply Chain Modelling: Whilst designing a supply chain strategy that is best for the project, we use latest modelling and planning tools to ensure consistent and on-time delivery. We ensure that the right optimization strategies would produce results customized to your business criteria, whether it is cost, inventory or logistics or combination of these.
  • Assessing Supply Chain Risks:  We monitor and assess risks and implement appropriate mitigation strategies. Common risks that we routinely measure for our global sourcing projects are: supplier failure, strategic risk, regulatory risk, logistics failure, cost variability, and workforce risk.
  • Logistic Management: We provide oversight services for your logistics management. From logistics partner selection, to transportation optimization, to warehousing planning and logistic network design to actual monitoring coordination of logistics execution. We will send you regular updates as to the stage your product is at.
  • Documentation Management: The product value chain generates tons of paper documents that need to be maintained and kept track off. As a outsourced supply chain service, we manage logistics, shipping, and financial documents (L/C’s / contracts) etc. on behalf of the client thereby reducing client paperwork. All documentation is organized and filed and then sent over to you in electronic formats and if required later in paper formats.

How Neopont Can Help You As A: