Sector: Ethnic Food Markets, Food and Beverage,

Consulting Activities: end to end product line development, packaging design and development, supply chain optimization, brand redesign and test marketing

A venture capitalist group approached Neopont to develop a line of South Asian packaged finger food in an underdeveloped market segment.

The aim of this exercise was to take a popular existing product line and come up with an innovative idea for the packaging and a brand name to compliment it. The client wanted the food line to be an experience that would create a community through conversation about food itself. The brand positioning was just as important as the product packaging had to be high end and attractive to the international traveler.

It took us a month to find an innovative packaging solution but when we did the project was given the green light. This was a highly collaborative project. Not only because of the packaging but also because the product profiling had been approved by the client as well. Numerous samples were received from the approved vendor and taste tested by the Neopont team. Our final recommendations were then sent to the client for their approval. This is when product development really kicked in as the clients requirement were quite specific and some products had to change in terms of taste and some in terms of visual appeal. Patience level and trust were both tested by all parties who had a vested interest in this project.  At the end, we all had to see the end goal and apply findings of its initial brand-visioning of the project by redesigning the product experience.

All channels were touched: advertising, web, in-store merchandising, and future product extensions. The product will be launched into the international by mid 2012.


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