The Neopont style of work is defined by the following principles:


Success comes thorough working with our clients in a collaborative model.  We are transparent at all times and share all the data throughout each step or process. So that you the client can make an educated decision about his /her project at any stage of the project.


We have a tried, tested and successful process in place which allows us to perform  and successfully complete any project regardless of size or complexity.

Small and Focused

Neopont works as boutique – small and focused with a view of treating each of our clients as a partner. We work in a collaborative model, and therefore view ourselves as an outsourced part of a client’s team.  Neopont has the ability to process specialist data and information, whilst delivering insight.

Client Objective a Decision Driver

Our team is dedicated to cost reductions initiatives and we only work solely on behalf of the client. Hence we are not bound to any one supplier only to the client.

How Neopont Can Help You As A: