Boutique – small and focused

We treat each of our clients as a partner and focus our efforts on pleasing our customer as an outsourced partner in the team. The team consists of a core management team supplemented by specialists in product research, product development, manufacturing, negotiation, sourcing, shipping and logistics.


Passion and Dedication Rules

In all things that we do, passion for our work and dedication to our goals rules our actions. We believe in helping clients find the right solution by a devotion to extending our knowledge base by systematic research.


100% Transparency and Confidentiality

We are strongly ruled by the twin principles of transparency and confidentiality. When we sign on the dotted line, we take on the responsibility of being answerable to our clients 24/7 x 365. And your work becomes our work, so we ensure your privacy and security… because ultimately, your success is our business.


Leverage Experience

Mundane sourcing and supply chain tasks are time consuming and tedious in the least and overwhelming to the uninformed. When you choose to outsource to Neopont, tasks become easier because we recognize and understand “like for like” comparisons and we organize and do the grunt work for you. Mundane time consuming tasks such as sampling & product prototyping are made easier. And our structured approach to the projects ensure unity of teams to enable success despite the size or complexity of the project.


Collaborative Team Structures

We work with our clients in team structures that are flat and responsive. Our clients find that working with us is easy and transparent as having an in-house team. Utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, we ensure that our clients are informed and educated to make decisions about their project at any stage.


Process Oriented

We believe in setting a roadmap for our projects. The main map is our tried and tested project management process which we take as a starting road map in any project regardless of size or complexity.


How Neopont Can Help You As A: