Our product development executives are the front-line officers in any project. They work closely with partners to manage the product development life-cycle. The PDE's work as core team leaders in coordinating efforts in market research, supplier management and quality assurance. They also process specialist data and information into a comprehensive and results oriented picture for the busy business owner.

 The Neopont team has extensive experience in working in markets all across the globe in the strategic sourcing industry. We are a product of the global work culture and understand global trends but also recognize local nuances. This understanding allows us to navigate local variances in business cultures, communication, and markets and bridge gaps to provide our customers access to worldwide markets.Some of the markets that we have worked extensively in are USA, UK, Russia, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and the Far East.


Our analytical wizards consist of a panel of experts in product research, product development, manufacturing, negotiation and sourcing and shipping and logistics. Our clients and partners have access to our specialist knowledge at a fraction of the cost of having their own panel of experts.


Our costing and finance officers provide you with in depth analysis of the associated costs for a product. Responsibilities include cost research, and forecasting, competitor comparisons, profitability and pricing analysis. The cost analyst also assists in identifying opportunities for cost-reduction. The bottom line results are improvement in overall profitability and providing the right tools for making crucial decisions.


Food technologists work on existing and newly discovered ingredients and technologies to invent new recipes and concepts, as well as modify foods.  Typically, our food techies are involved at product development stage for modifying existing products and processes and developing new ones; checking and improving quality control procedures; researching current consumer markets and latest technologies to develop new product concepts; selecting raw materials and other ingredients from suppliers; and preparing product costing.


Our associates are qualified in identifying and managing technical, process and quality variables for our clients. We work on behalf of the client to develop and maintain standards for key areas; lead closure of process deviations, investigations, and corrective actions; Identify, develop and implement process improvements, equipment improvements/upgrades; and generally participate to solve production issues.


Our product innovation team consists of some of the best talent in the areas of product development and packaging design with a strong problem solving approach. Our passionate and creative designers have experience in retail, packaging, food & beverage, consumer hard goods, apparel and construction sectors. We can provide you full service product life cycle services such as new concept design, brand line extension, trend research, and full service product life cycle management.

Our seasoned economists can provide you with the understanding and insight on vital factors such as pricing opacity, unclear volumes, needless duplications and the bundles of products. Understanding these key demand and supply side levers helps in identifying and managing sourcing inefficiencies and providing the basis for making better decisions. This insight improves the bottom line profits, gives transparency into your supply chain, reduces cycle time, and allows ensure better matched suppliers and manufacturers to your business need.


We at Neopont have special interests in the sector of energy and environment. We offer a wide range of services in the field of optimizing the supply chain, green packaging design, assessment solutions.

Our green experts are passionate about the earth and are continuously looking for ways to reducing carbon footprint of the products they help develop.




Our supply chain expertise extends to the following: process engineering, manufacturing, strategic planning, project development and strategic procurement. We use our knowledge and technical operation research know-how to reduce total cost of ownership and promote value chain optimization.



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