Sitting around a table at a local middle eastern restaurant in the middle of the Dubai, 2 friends – one an entrepreneur and the other a brand executive were discussing an idea as to how to introduce a particular food product into market under their own brand.

The opportunity was great but the visibility on how to go about successfully making the project work was obscure. The team was able to source the manufacturer after in depth research and use of vendor qualification techniques known to the brand executive. However, product development was challenging. 

They started with an online search for companies that could assist them in developing this particular product. The reality was that companies on the world wide web were confusing in their service offering and their breadth of services. As a start up venture, the team did not want to go down the road of hiring for one project alone nor did they have the time to do everything themselves. The team had done the preliminary market research into the product and just wanted their idea to materialize.

The brand executive inducted a third member, who had an interest in food and had some experience in food development. The food expert discovered that there were many aspects such as packaging and other technical challenges that they needed to consider to ensure the consumer received a safe and shelf ready product. Logistical hurdles were resolved by the procurement specialist on board.

This was all we needed. In no time the product was shelf stable and appropriately packaged for the market. There was no need for hiring extra staff or even investing in space and equipment. Everything had been done through collaboration of people….people who had the know-how but operated in a fragmented industry.

The word soon spread about what we were doing and the two friends were approached for advice by others about the issues, hurdles and challenges, how we overcame them.

Neopont was born out of a need that there are many entrepreneurs like us who had product ideas but could never bring their ideas come to life because the steps were many or the road was too long. No longer do entrepreneurs have to miss an opportunity to make money because of obscure processes…Neopont helps you achieve product development goals.

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